About Us

USA PETS – Dog & Cat Supplies, LLC was formed as an outgrowth of the love for our pets and our country and out of the frustration of not being able to locate quality pet products, which are MADE IN THE USA!!! It seems that more and more of the pet supplies that are available for purchase are manufactured overseas. We are all proud of our country and the products that are produced right here in the USA. By bringing these products to our customers, we are helping to create jobs and support the American economy.   

USA PETS – Dog & Cat Supplies, LLC was incorporated in the state of Virginia in the City of Leesburg. Our company was founded by the husband and wife team of Paul and Sarah Reid and Paul’s sister, Andrea. Paul and Andrea have grown up with many varieties and sizes of dogs and cats from Shih Tzu to Great Danes and many in between. In fact, the animals/models featured in our logo are part of our current pet family.  The Great Dane is Madison. She has been Paul’s best friend since she was a puppy, is nine years old, and is doing well. When Paul and Sarah were married, Sarah not only became mother to Madison, but to our male Great Dane, Simba, who Paul rescued in 2005. Abby, the yellow lab proudly carrying the bugle in our logo was Andrea’s beloved pet since puppyhood 11 ˝ years ago. Sadly, we lost both Simba and Abby recently. Abby in March 2011 and Simba in May 2011. In “our world” pets are family and the pain of the loss cuts right through the heart. Abby passed away just 10 days after being diagnosed with liver cancer. Although she is gone from this physical world she lives on in our memories and thankfully, in this case, is immortalized in the logo and branding of our company. The cat is Snickers, who loves to sit on the back of the corner chair to keep an eye on everyone. Her human parent is Andrea.

It is because of our love and deep appreciation of our pets, our family and our country that this site was born.We have spent much time researching the products we will feature on our website and have made every effort to ensure that our products are all, or virtually all, MADE IN THE USA. We sincerely hope you enjoy our website and look forward to working with you!!

 Thank you!! 

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